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來源:http://cftheater.com/ 日期:2020-09-08
  We all need to know that no matter it is any board, we should do daily maintenance work regularly, because in this way, the service life of the board can be extended, and at the same time, we can save money and waste energy because of the board, because if the maintenance work of the fireproof board is not done well, there may be various problems after the indoor installation in the later stage Question, so what maintenance method does fireproof board board board have? In order to avoid these problems. Now let's talk about it. The details are as follows:
  1. When installing the plate, the material must meet the room temperature standard and maintain a stable temperature. The material should not be installed in the place where the temperature is very different from the normal place of use.
  2. Fire resistant panels are more resistant to impact than other panels, but should not be placed in the lower corner of the wall or in extremely vulnerable places, as dust will contaminate the fire board. Therefore, the design should pay attention to the air delivery and return and the maintenance of the air conditioning system. The air must pass through the filter, so that the building will not be affected by the dust in the project.
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  3. The relative humidity of the property of interior decoration products and roof fire-proof board decoration products shall not exceed 70% relative humidity at - 30 ℃ 15 ℃ of the installation space for normal use. All gypsum, cement, terrazzo or other wet properties of the project must be properly placed. Before or after installation, the heating, ventilation and cooling air conditioning system must be installed first and can be used properly to maintain normal temperature.
  4. Covering or supporting the ceiling with insulation is not recommended. In the case of high relative humidity, if the ceiling bears additional weight, it may cause the ceiling to sink. When insulation materials are needed in this project, they must be used in normal use environment. The weight of thermal insulation materials shall not exceed 1.269kg/m2, and only coil insulation materials can be used. It must be mounted vertically on the fulcrum of the frame to support the weight of the insulation.
  5、防火板的保養與一般油漆天花板相似,但需要保養,為了保護天花板的高性能、果和美觀外觀,請按規定做法處理。 灰塵或松散的泥土要用刷子或真空吸塵器清潔,真空吸塵器配件,應用于清潔窗簾布料或墻面類,必須單向清潔,以免灰塵摩擦到天花板表面。 清潔后的灰塵,如鉛羊毛標志,臟點,或附著的污垢可以用一般的藝術膠清除,如用高品質的墻壁清潔劑擦拭,海綿在水中試圖擠干,擦拭后,薄觸清潔劑可用洗碗布或少許濕用水海綿再次清洗。
  5. The maintenance of the fireproof board is similar to that of the common painted ceiling, but it needs to be maintained. In order to protect the high performance, high effect and beautiful appearance of the ceiling, please handle it according to the regulations. Dust or loose soil should be cleaned by brush or vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner accessories should be used to clean curtain cloth or wall surface. One way cleaning is required to avoid dust rubbing on ceiling surface. After cleaning, the dust, such as lead wool sign, dirty spot, or attached dirt, can be removed with general art glue. For example, wipe with high-quality wall cleaner. Sponge tries to squeeze dry in water. After wiping, clean it again with dishcloth or a little wet water sponge.
  The above is the daily maintenance method of fireproof board, I hope it can help you.


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